Finest quality chocolates

since 1976
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A passion for artisanal chocolate

since 1976

Jewels of the purest cocoa beans, creamy butter and white cream.
Belgian chocolates, in this we excel!

Exclusive creations for your refined taste. Seductively they shine to you sitting snug amongst other creations. Once you taste them, you will feel the luxury of the sensual creamy textures, subtle flavours and rich aromas tingle your senses.

Our chocolate is made with passion, for people with passion.

Original shapes and flavours

45 own creations

200 types… 45 own creations… Original shapes and flavours… Handmade with the best products…

Pralineur Van Coillie is specialised in chocolates with original tastes, shapes and packages where the most of them are to be admired in our own showroom.

Here at Pralineur van Coillie we can arrange the most beautiful and tasty gifts imaginable.
Pralineur Van Coillie, 40 years of topclass domestically and abroad.

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