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Costumer testimonials

We mainly use the boxes during our language courses. During the last class, we like to thank our students for the pleasant lessons. 

I think the boxes are great, as they allow me to give something back to the client. Moreover, it’s great for the client to finish the course with something pleasant as well.

Not just that, it’s great advertising for ourselves as well: the sturdy boxes with the clear logo “hang around” the company for a while too (contrary to other publicity which often quickly finds its way into the rubbish bin). Often, someone from another department will hear our name as well (e.g. someone who knew about the language course, but who was unaware we provided translations as well). 

Several birds with one stone, so to say.

Christophe - Verlingua

For us, a compromise is traditionally where we can make two parties happy – after which we shake hands and celebrate a happy ending. A simple handshake is a little dry, which is why we like to give them a bit more attention. Since recently, that attention has become a personalised box of chocolates from Pralineur Van Coillie

A pleasant gift that the parties always enjoy and which we have received many great reactions to in the past. Not just the gift in itself, but the design and – naturally – the quality of the chocolate.

We are very happy with the service and quality, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Alexandre and his team!

Frederik Sanders - FUTURIMMO

A thank-you and a business gift for our clients – it was an easy choice…

Beautiful, personalised and luxurious boxes filled with Pralineur Van Coilie’s most delicious chocolates.

A huge benefit; only the empty boxes are ordered beforehand, after which they can each be filled so they can be delivered to our clients fresh.

If desired, Alexandre also takes care of shipping them to our client. One of the boxes was returned once, as our client was no longer there, but Alexandre went ahead and shipped it to another address free of charge!

Great service!

Laurence Carton - BUR.O

Each year, we receive a positive response from our clients.

Furthermore, we save a lot of time because you take care of the shipping.

Moreover, it’s great that all relations receive their package at the same time, and that delivery is followed-up as well.

A positive experience!

Greet - Beltherm

Chocolates as a business gift is very clearly enjoyed by our clients, and the personalisation of the pralines means our name is introduced into the living room as well.

Moreover, we need not worry ourselves with shipping either.

Jordy Vandecappelle marketing manager Dewulf harvest machinery