Pralineur Van Coillie is an artisan chocolate company from three generations founded in 1976 by Germain Van Coillie and his wife Eliane Tillie. We are known in Belgium and far abroad for our quality and pure, well balanced chocolate flavors.
In the United Kingdom we achieved already three awards of ‘The Chocolate Tasting Club’ for the best flavor, quality and presentation, given by 120 000 gastronomes.
Our most important:
• Inventing own new creations
• Amaze people with new flavor combinations over and over again
• Our passionated, highly skilled staff
• Love for the raw materials and the métier

For Pralineur Van Coillie, chocolate is a gift from nature which we have to respect and handle with care for the product, people and nature.
Therefore Pralineur Van Coillie only works with the noblest chocolate of Barry Callebaut, produced with cocoabeans from Ghana and Ivorycoast. Both countries were visited by Germain Van Coillie and his grandson Alexandre. After that they decided to be a part of the sustainability-program of Barry Callebaut  ‘Quality Partner Program’
Today Alexandre is leading the company and ensures the tradition, quality and innovation stays intact.